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Recent Blog Entries

  • 7 March 2011 : Does Culture Move? (1 Comment)
    It was raining heavily. I held an umbrella in one hand and dragged my suitcase in the other. My shoes and clothes were wet; suddenly I tripped and fell over……. One [More...]

  • 10 January 2011 : “SEEDS” (No Comments)
    A Happy New Year!  I am sure you are having a fantastic break despite of heavy rain. The beginning of the year I always reflect my previous year and make a [More...]

  • 9 December 2010 : Teachers’ Dedication (No Comments)
    Language teachers are dedicated to make our students enjoy learning languages and their unique cultures.  This end of the year time, one of our peers made an enormous effort preparing 56 [More...]

  • 22 November 2010 : “Flatting World” (No Comments)
    I am reading “The World is Flat” by Thomas L Friedman and have been amazed to know what technological world we are living, how fast and small the world is.  [More...]

  • 21 November 2010 : How ACTLAN began… (No Comments)
    Why these kids do not want to learn? I was losing my confidence and I struggled to move my body towards to the school. This is the way I started to [More...]