Does Culture Move?

It was raining heavily. I held an umbrella in one hand and dragged my suitcase in the other. My shoes and clothes were wet; suddenly I tripped and fell over…….

One of the schools I am teaching in does not have a Japanese room.  As a matter of fact, the school is under construction.  Like many fellow language teachers, I travel room to room with a big and heavy suitcase.  ガラ、ガラ、ガラ; the sound of the suitcase.

When I stood up from the ground, I saw a picture of “Refugee” people.  Carrying their most important things, including their culture, finally in the country they want to live in……They learn English very quickly and adapt themselves in the society.  Because they have a dream, hopes and have to survive.

I believe language teachers need to create an environment where learners feel as if they are in the foreign country.  They learn language in the room (environment), not when teachers are visiting their (learners) room.

I straight away went to the principal’s office and talked about the importance of having a Japanese room!!

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  1. Takumi AKADA

    From this year, I have the Japanese classroom!
    But for last 3 years, I was visiting each classroom. It was not effective since I often left my flashcards behind.
    I remember I felt as if I were a “refugee”.

    Hoping you will have the new Japanese classroom soon.

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